Amanie Media
Amanie Group’s journey began in 2005 when internationally renowned Islamic scholar Datuk Dr Mohd Daud Bakar founded Amanie Advisors, which is today one of the first global boutique Shariah advisory houses for Islamic Finance industry. Since that first step 14 years ago, Amanie has gone from strength to strength and has diversified into other business ventures including publishing and production, training and development and venture capital. Today, besides Amanie Advisors, other companies under the Group’s stable are Amanie Academy, Amanie Media and Amanie Capital. One of the group’s flagship companies, Amanie Advisors, today operates in four cities namely Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Astana, Kazakhstan; and Casablanca, Morocco. The Group’s publishing arm, Amanie Media, publishes books and the Malaysian Business magazine, Malaysia’s oldest business magazine. Amanie Academy, the talent development arm of Amanie Group, develops talents and human capacity-building programmes to support the demand and requirements of quality and skilful talents. Amanie Capital, meanwhile, is the Venture Capital outfit for the Group. Today, with Datuk Dr Mohd Daud Bakar leading the way, Amanie Group of consultants and professionals create value for their stakeholders, clients and communities in a rapid changing world.

Malaysian Business
Malaysian Business, which was first published in 1972, carries the reputation of being the oldest English business publication in Malaysia. It is a monthly magazine published by Amanie Media Sdn Bhd. Led by Editor in Chief Datuk Dr Mohd Daud Bakar, the magazine features in-depth and analytical articles in tandem with current business issues and trends. It offers readers with interviews with movers and shakers of the industry as well as other contemporary business stories. The magazine is also packed with updates on latest trends and breakthroughs that are presented in easy-to-read manner and supported by eye-catching infographics. Other articles include stories on entrepreneurs as well as business and corporate lifestyle including travel, health and wellness, arts, motoring and reviews of books and movies. The print magazine is complemented by a news portal, where latest news is being updated on a daily basis. Readers may also subscribe the e-zine version of the print magazine via this news portal.