KLIFF 2019 Overview

After one decade as a prestigious annual gathering for Islamic Banking and Finance industry, experts and key players, Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum 2019 (KLIFF 2019) will continue as a platform for debates, discourse and answers based on knowledge and experience. This event will bring all industry experts from regulatory authorities, Shariah scholars, bankers, legal practitioners, Takaful operators, consultants and academicians to share with the delegates their views and opinions in developing the Islamic Banking and Finance industry.

This year’s KLIFF 2019 will be from April 9th  through April 11th and will be participated by more than 500 delegates. KLIFF 2019 is a premier and leading Islamic event, in the regionally and globally, with a wide range of delegates from diverse backgrounds and institutions. Besides, it will provide avenues for enhanced branding appeal, reaching out to Islamic finance leaders in the Asia-Pacific Region as is supported by wide media coverage.

Come and join us for this outstanding world class event!